Monday, June 30, 2014

Things I Love/Hate About Hobby Lobby

Since moving to Oklahoma, I've spent a fair share of my disposable income at Hobby Lobby as I've worked on projects around the house. In fact, I just bought a sweet Iwata Eclipse airbrush there to make this decapitated dragon head:

With the Supreme Court ruling today, I figured I'd chime in with things I love and hate about this mega-craft store.

I love...
1.)  This coupon! I can show it on my smart phone and get 40% off the most expensive item!

2.) They pay $9.50 an hour for part time employees, and $14 an hour for full-time.

3.) Whether you like their 401k program or not, theirs is a matching program--instant increase for anyone that contributes. It's like giving yourself a raise.

4.) Most things are 50% at some point in the month. 

5.) Their cyano-acrylic (Super Glue) bottles are huge--I go through a lot with certain projects, so I get a Big Bang for my buck. 

6.) They give their employees Sundays off. 

7.) I can shop for Halloween decorations in June.

8.) There are three within 5 miles of my house. 

Things I hate...

1.) The thing I want to buy is never on the 50% off sale when I need to buy it. 

2.) They always prioritize returns, even if there are people lined up in the aisle to buy stuff. And returns take forever!

3.) Too many stores have different layouts, so I have to spend extra time looking for things if I'm not familiar with the store. 

4.) I usually have to chase down an employee if I have a question, and the employee usually doesn't know what I'm looking for. 

5.) I can buy Halloween decorations in June. 

What do you think? Legit loves/hates, or petty inconveniences? Let me know below!