Thursday, August 1, 2013

Inertia: A Double Edged-Word

I looked into my Netflix account the other day. Since they've added instant streaming, I've used their DVD delivery system about five times. A streaming-only account costs something like $10 a month, but I've been paying the full $29.99. Why? Because I'd have to take the effort of sitting down at the computer, log onto the site, and click a button. What a rut! If I weren't so lazy, I would take out a calculator and add up how much money I've been contributing to Netflix that I could have been using to build up my "new flat screen tv" fund. But the calculator is downstairs, in a drawer...

When I am on a roll, it is humbling to see what I can do. The right inspiration will drive to me shift my priorities so as to allow nothing to stand in my way of reaching my goal (new story with all the fun it involves--time lines, character biographies, plot structure, theme, etc.; or, a new prop piece and all the research for accurate measurements, materials needed, paint). I can spend ten hours a day if I feel the right spark.

What is your inertia today? Feeling like a rolling stone? Or the Rock of Gibraltar? What do you do to overcome (or continue with) creative inertia? Let me know--your ideas could inspire a fellow writer.


Creative Spark

You are sitting at your computer. There is a knock at the door, but when you answer, there is only an unmarked box. You didn't order anything, but you pick up the box, open it up, and...


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