Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The World's Next Great Writers--Introducing Eva F.

In June and August of 2013, I had the pleasure of teaching a Creative Writing Course for Elementary Students at the Edmond location of the Metro Library System. Amy Thomas, the children’s librarian, felt that this was an age group ready to absorb a more advanced approach on writing, and boy, was she right!

Meeting four times over those two months, the students were diverse in age and background but all shared one thing–a common love of reading and writing.

I promised the students that if they would take the time to write a story, I would share it with the world, so here we go. Each story will appear as it was sent to me–no editorial changes or additions.
Our first story comes from Eva F.  Enjoy!
But first...

Creative Spark

Explain how to best operate a kitchen appliance to someone that has never seen it, or electricity.

My Time with the Volcano People
 By Eva F.
Once, on a family vacation to Hawaii, our cruise liner ran aground onto a deserted island when the captain lost control of the ship in a storm.  Thankfully, the radio was still working.  Hungry and tired of listening to the static of the radio, I wandered away from the group while picking coconuts.  Suddenly, the ground gave way under my feet and I fell into a lava tube.  Unable to climb out, I crawled for what seemed like hours through the lava tube into a volcanic crater.  As I leaped over rocks gasping for fresh air, I heard the echo of drums. Looking to my right I saw the volcano people.  They were made of stone and breathed fire.  I was very amazed.  Unexpectedly, a huge wooden ball knocked them over like nine pins but they sprang back up, unhurt.  Later that day I learned that it meant the volcano was going to erupt, which explained why they whisked me into a stone cave and put a giant rock in front of it.  Out of nowhere, the cloud people attacked, riding on the backs of the blue alien crater monkeys, hurling lightning bolts and hail at the volcano people.  So many giant crater monkeys filled the sky that they blocked out the moon where they lived.  The fight stretched far into the night.  The volcano people released giant scorpions, who loved to devour crater monkey meat.  The scorpions ferociously attacked them and quickly killed them off.  Finally, the cloud people retreated.  We had won!  There was a great celebration by the volcano people.  Exhausted by the excitement and tension of the day, I fell into a deep sleep.  In the morning the volcano people led me to within sight of my family, who I had been with before I got lost.  Soon a rescue boat came and we sailed on it the rest of the way to Hawaii.  All everyone could talk about was the horrific storm of the night before.


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