Thursday, August 8, 2013

Talented Artists from Tokyo In Tulsa

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If these illustrations don't give you a creative kick in the pants, I don't know what will!

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I visited Tokyo In Tulsa this past weekend. Since I wasn't interested in meeting any of the multitude of anime voice actors that were offering autographs, I decided to walk around and visit with some of the artists that impressed me. Here are eleven of them, and in no particular order. Except for the Firefly pic. Anything that is Firefly deserves to be front and center!
Please take some time to click the links I've provided and examine these talented artists works.

And tell a friend! This is how we indepenent artists and writers get the word out!


Creative Spark:

 You are visiting Japan for vacation, and your guide/translator doesn't show up at the previously agreed upon meeting place. How do you go about making the most of your vacation without your guide?


(Where possible, I have listed the artists real name, but it is a common practice to have a pen name.)
Kevin Yan, aka yanimator

Dana Wilson

Diana Acevedo
(Lots of Regular Show buttons!)

Jeff aka Dream Gear Studios
(He had some AWESOME pencil rendered sketches you should see)

Crack Kittens
(A team of artists, they had an entire series of these Avenger prints--so very cool!)

Alice Chan

Jinny Liang aka Nayuki-Chan

Kyouya's Kritters

Stefany Belisle of La Blaque Rose

Dorothy T. Rose
John aka Ladre

Silver No Miko

Sweet Sheep Studio

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